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"A time to Dance...A Time to Speak"

Monday, February 16, 2009

Who is your support team?

We had this photo taken this summer at the worship conference at The Greater Allen Cathedral AME Church. If we look kinda tired, it is because we were doing the happy dance for a very long time that day and week.

I thank God for the women (men too...especially my husband), that God has brought into my life to support me. My pastor challenged us today to think about the people we surround ourselves with. There are a few more in my life that are a part of my inner circle but I want to thank God for Glorianne, Rachael, and Jacqueline. I wish Patricia was pictured as well but she is pursuing her destiny in a touring production of a Broadway musical.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Black History Month at Primitive Christian Church

Each year my husband and I get to share a view of Black History with the congregation. This year we did the Harlem Renaissance. As always we recruited some of the African-American members of the congregation and celebrated our ancestory. Martin wrote the script and we did our best to bring it to life. To God be the glory!