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"A time to Dance...A Time to Speak"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Catalyst for Seasons of Purpose

Over 12 Years ago when I was with Dance for Joy Ministries, I was still using my marketing and publicity skills acquired from years working as an arts administrator.  All the company members worked very hard on that concert in many different ways. Marketing and publicity was my contribution which is why we were able to get this article from the New York Times.  As I read through this review and saw my name mentioned I was emotionally blown away. I think it took this article for me to realize that God had gifted me with something, and it was high time that I identify what those gifts are and pass them down before it is too late. Therefore, by that summer, I was given the vision for Seasons of Purpose. About a year later I met "somebody" who later became my husband. He became a part of the Seasons of Purpose vision. Reading this again I realize that 3 of the other dancers mentioned in the article were in my wedding party.  They are really gifted teachers, choreographers, and blessed to be their friend. And blessed to have a mentor like Ms. Iris Cloud who let me discover what God had put inside of me decades earlier but I had buried for such a long time. And thanks to my Boston friends who always believed in me...they weren't shocked by the article at all..I however, couldn't stop crying. Now I (we) need to stoke that fire of inspiration, gifting, and anointing and move forward. Look out's a new season and we are destined to fulfill our purpose to communicate the gospel through text, movement, and cultural development.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Are Champions - The Team is only as Good as its Coach

I am blessed another year to serve at Primitive Christian Church.  My husband and I are able to minister on the outside and serve others because of the great training, encouragement, and faith-building we experience at PCC. We are able to explore a lot of things creatively that we later take outside the 4 walls when we travel as Seasons of Purpose. Many thanks to all of you who have prayed and supported us in so many ways.

This year's Superbowl service ended with the boys (tall to tallest) doing a flag piece. Just ignore I'm in it. I was only there for moral support...this is a male flag dance. YEAH! Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Marcos Rivera gives the closing remarks. We do it all for Coach Jesus. Glory to God!