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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dancing Children in the Spirit

I celebrate the former students of mine from Nyack that continue to grow and expand their horizons. Even though I have never had my own children, I am excited as I see my "children in the Spirit" in the dance ministry step up to the next level.

When I see my "children" dance, develop their own dance ministries, and choreograph, I'm so happy for them!!! Recently, I looked at pictures from another student's dance ministry. I felt like a spiritual grandmother.

I would like to thank Iris Cloud (Dance for Joy Ministries) for her years of pouring into my life so I can pour into the lives of so many others. In addition, I have been effected and inspired by leaders in dance ministry including Min. Kathleen Turner, Rev. Eyesha Marable, Dr. Pamela Hardy, and Min. Rae.
Today I went to Lea's wedding (see above) and a stranger asked me who I was. I admitted to be her professor in dance and the stranger said I must have had an impact on her life. I'm so glad that God choose me to be part of this legacy, at such a time as this. I am part of the end times servants that will use the arts to mightily showcase the glory of God.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Tribute 2009

Today I'm thinking about my Dad and how much I miss him. He often put on his apron to clean all the pots and pans in the sink and then sat with a look of satisfaction after he was done. He loved to sit and listen to his kids and hear what they had to say. My Dad listened to me as I talked about the Lord and wondered where I got the wisdom. He knew it was from the Bible...the book he also grew to love. How I miss Dad's laugh, smile, turkey chili, and his bear hugs. Music: He played jazz music alot in my younger years and I attribute my love to jazz in all forms from this man. He really loved Afro-Cuban jazz. Dance: My father wasn't much on seeing concert dance but he did love African-American expression in movement, so if he knew it was Black...he was there. Drama: Same about drama...if the actors were black...he was on it. Think about all the years he couldn't see this expression on television and few on Broadway. When this man who worked for the Division on Civil Rights could finally see professional Black actors given opportunities...his heart just soared!!!
He lived his life through many seasons and when it was time, he went home to be with the Lord. He was proud of my accomplishments and was always a great example of a loving father. As SEASONS OF PURPOSE celebrates Father's Day, I want to remember the Dad who gave me birth and encouraged me in everything that I do.