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Monday, March 2, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

The northeast got socked with another snowstorm shutting down schools in our region. This is a wonderful day for school teachers and children but tough on sanitation workers that have to plow. I enjoyed the day catching up on email, social networks and a bit of choreography.

On a snowy day I enjoy a warm home, warm food and a peaceful surrounding. I think I enjoyed that today.

Seasons of Purpose is currently working on 2 dance projects (one a collaboration) at church, and one play that is grossly behind. It is cantata style (music driven with supplemental text and dance). We have a general framework given to us by our pastor and hope to flesh it out in words. Mr. Bowman is so good at doing this. I think he is really getting a system of how to make these thematic presentations. It is becoming the Seasons of Purpose style that we can share with others. We hope as we inspire others to create, and to take their ideas to yet a higher level. As we take these simple ideas, themes, concepts, and issues, we hope we can explore them in short form (10 minutes), and also in the longer forms. Some of them will involve collaboration with a more "devising" style that I learned from The Creative Arts Team in New York, or a piece with just one playwright. We realize that we have to become more skilled at playwriting and hope to sharpen our skills either by classes or consulting with trained writers.

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