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Friday, July 31, 2009

Artistic Expression

Today I'm thinking about the importance of artistic expression. We may see the world in black and white, but there is such an incredible spectrum to behold. The first creator is God Himself so He is the very author of creativity. He said "Let there be light." Until God spoke light into existence, there was no color. It is the light that enables us to see, identify, and experience color. Take a prism and hold it to the light and see the colors burst forth. It is from God alone that we can experience the rainbow splash of color that He wants us to behold. So how is it that sometimes we close ourselves off from the freedom of creativity.

At our recent drama intensive at our home church (Primitive Christian Church), we asked the participants on the graffiti board, "are we doing plays that are safe because they are in the church (meaning inside the church building)." And answers come back that no...we challenge the people, and another...we have to be sensitive. So I want to be that sensitive Christian but Seasons of Purpose wants to challenge the community to take a deep look and not try to sugar coat. The people I want to tell my story to live in a harsh reality, I want to be able to communicate but not compromise. This is a fun challenge to meet and I see that artists trying to communicate in relevant ways all face this challenge. So paint your world with color! Enjoy the creativity God has put in you. Don't be afraid to wrestle with the tough questions and push the envelope without compromising your faith.

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