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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Week of February 7, 2010

Well what an amazing week. If it wasn't exciting enough having the Primitive Christian Church Super Bowl service switched to Sunday, I saw such a wonderful explosion of praise that day, and people respond to the touch of God on their lives. I had the joy of working with the PCC's Children's Dance Ministry (the Mustard Seeds), and I was giving them that look in this picture that kind of says "we will praise God, but you WILL LOOK AT ME...ahh" The children have such a pure praise, they bless Him with all that is within them.

Then we switched to "The Presence of the Lord" dance. And I really think this move done repeatedly over a week and other physical movements that I don't usually do, took a real toll on my back. This may be the first day my right shoulder blade isn't singing a song. In this shot I am getting ready to "get my blessing right now."

And then by Tuesday night came the snow, and snow, and snow.

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  1. But I see you went a whole block from the house to take that picture...

    Good that the kids are getting grounding in praise dance.