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Thursday, March 11, 2010

March So Far

March so far has been really amazing. Weather wise, the NY/NJ area has got a reverse thing going on...March is coming in like a lamb...does that mean it will go out like a lion?

My cousin just started the Rhode Island Chapter of the National Liturgical Dance Network. We are so proud of her and I am so blessed to have married my husband who has such a cool 1st cousin!!!! Before the workshop was over, Sister Melodie (that's what folks call her but she's Cousin Melodie to us), prayed over the co-founder of NLDN, Rev. Eyesha Marable.

She truly blessed us over the hours that she spent in Rhode Island. We were filled with the word...warmed up and stretched us out (she was just've got to come to the NJ workshops to get the real deal anyone at Karade's or Elmwood last spring knows what I'm talking about)!!! Then we learned choreography. How she continues to pour out day in and day out from state to state...well...that's just got to be GOD!!!!

Many thanks Rev. Eyesha, her right hand servant of the Lord Sentheia McLeod, and Rev. Eye's precious daughter Honor. And of course GDPA - God's Providence Dance Assembly led by Sister Melodie Thompson-Thomas that made the workshop possible. GPDA were the helping hands that kept it rolling.

I came back from Rhode Island with a renewed desire to walk in purity and obedience before God. Can't wait for the "Purify" Conference at the Greater Allen Cathedral in Jamaica, NY from July 28-August 1, 2010. Start saving now. Working during the day?...the evening sessions are free and open to the public...but we are happy to receive your love offering. When you come, you will see that each conference is a labor of love.

(Pictured L-R) Sentheia, Rev. Eyesha, Honor, Melodie

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  1. The honor was and always is MINE, to have such multi-talented and supportive cousins! Rev Eye would not have even GOTTEN here, had not Seasons of Purpose provided a "personal car service!" :-)!!
    Anyway, Angie, you're not supposed to tell folks that you're my cousin by marriage-- U my NBCBRWWW! -- remember? :-D