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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Song at Dawn

Birds sing at the top of the lungs. I ought to know, they woke me up before dawn today.
PBS study on THE LIFE OF BIRDS explains it like this:
"By singing at dawn, when their energy reserves are low after the night, male birds may be telling females that they are nevertheless still fit for breeding. A male singing lustily is demonstrating that he has spare energy in abundance. Dawn may be a good time to sing, but there is likely to be a lot of vocal competition. So there are advantages to singing at a different time of day, particularly when two different species have similar songs.

The reason must be a very good one, because making a lot of noise draws attention to a bird and makes it more noticeable to predators.

Bird song has two main functions: to defend a territory and to attract a mate. Male birds do these things, so, throughout the bird world, it is usually the males singing the songs.
Birds can distinguish neighbors from strangers by individual differences in their songs. Males use this information to concentrate their defense efforts. They will not react aggressively against a neighbor as long as he stays on his own territory. But a singing stranger could mean a threat to the territory; a strong response is required to see this potential invader off.

When they are trying to attract females onto their territory, males become operatic. They sing longer and more complex songs. Females listen, but do not generally respond."

This morning the Lord woke me up with music. The music was so mesmerizing that I actually thought a radio was on. I tried to wake my husband to ask him if he had left his Ipod on, but then as I listened more intently, I realized that it was the song of the birds. The choir of birds sang with all their might. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. In my spirit I started to worship while I was still lying in my bed but I couldn't sleep because now my spirit was being renewed. I rolled out of bed and went to my prayer closet. If the male bird sings with so much love to its object of affection...can't the Lord sing songs to us in the night with all His might. God has spared nothing to show His love for us. Does He not rejoice over us with singing?

Will you hear the song of the Lord the next time He sings over you? Will you awake your soul and sing. Will you earnestly seek Him early when He calls.

Listen for the will never forget the sound.

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