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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Will you still say yes?

Two weeks ago, I had a great class with my Express Christ God is Moving Seminar for leaders with Ceu Kingshill. I learned a new process to develop choreography. Tonight was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. As we surrendered areas of our life before the Lord, we listened to the song "Yes" sung by Shekinah Glory. Every time I hear that song I can think of something new to apply to my life. This time we surrendered an area of our life through movement. However the intensity of God moving on our hearts, caused me to not want to get up from the floor to dance at all. I just wanted to lay prostrate and lay my life before the Lord. I thought perhaps I should get up and move, but would that be an honest surrender? Would that be an honest movement? So I stayed near the ground until I was ready. I learned later that some people who do this seminar never come off the floor. The words echoed...
"If I told you what I really need
will your heart and soul say yes
have I told you want I really need, will your spirit still say yes."

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