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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Northeast Worship Institute -Closing Processional Choreography by Freddie Moore and Daryse Osborne

We learned this dance during the 2 days at the Institute. We are grateful to dance before the Lord and have such great teachers. In this You Tube video you will see Martin Bowman, Angela Bowman, Karen Hunter, Leslie Rios, Natalie Arenas, and Zoe Quintero from Primitive Christian Church. We also learned movements from the choreodrama choreographed and directed by Freddie Moore during the day classes of the Institute. The film footage of that would be on the class DVD's.
We saw the choreodrama "IN HIS PRESENCE" in Jersey City at the Cityline Church (Pastors Joshua & Paula Rodriguez) on this past Saturday night and were greatly blessed. Some of the students from that cast (the discipleship series) we met at the institute last Saturday. It was great to see them ministering as a big group with Freddie Moore and Footprints Dance Company. All the students of the Institute are hungry to learn more and may enroll in the 2011 Discipleship Series this fall.
"In His Presence" will be ministered again in Camden and New Haven this summer. Go to for more information.
I was greatly encouraged this past week to remember to take time to seek God in the secret place. To always make time to be in His Presence. I know that a lifestyle of seeking God's Presence at the altar of brokenness will make all the difference in my life. So much to time to waste.

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