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Monday, September 19, 2011

NOBODY GREATER at Primitive Christian Church, NYC

There is no one like the Lord! No one who heals, helps, delivers, and saves like the Lord. Even when times are rough, I feel discouraged, the end of my rope...there is still hope...for there is God and no one, I mean NO ONE...NO NO NOBODY IS GREATER.  He came in my life when I was just a teenager...I have interests, people, relatives, jobs, relationships...come and go...but no one has been consistent, faithful, awesome, totally more than I could ask or think because after all HE IS GOD...Nobody is greater than the Lord.
What a privilege to dance before the message by Pastor Enid Rios-Rivera whose message of exhortation lifted us out of what ever was holding us down...lifted us out of any hopelessness or helplessness as we recounted the testimonies in God's Word and even real life testimonies of sisters in our midst.

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