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"A time to Dance...A Time to Speak"

Sunday, August 16, 2009


The Bible is often referred to as The Word. Seasons of Purpose was given the challenge of interpreting Isaiah 55:10-11 through movement. Martin & I came together and created something for Melodie Thompson's annual Gospel Dance Concert in Providence RI. In addition we choreographed to "Speak Lord" and "One Word" from Kurt Carr's One Church CD. When we ministered this at our home church (Primitive Christian Church), we dropped the "Speak Lord" section. I am forever changed, transformed, challenged, comforted, strengthened, empowered and built up by God's Word. It is a privilege to bring this powerful message to people through movement. People all over the world from every culture and belief have been touched by the truth found in the Bible. Even people who don't follow the Bible for spiritual reasons have used its princples and have found success. God does watch over His word to perform it.

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