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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sistah friends...a.k.a everybody needs a posse

I love the month of August because I get the chance to celebrate my birthday for about 2 weeks long. I think it is because most people forget the real date so I get phone calls, cards, sweet treats for a number of days...not bad? I want to praise God for the sistah friends (Jacqueline, Patricia, and Rachael) in my life. This is the group I call my posse. They maybe your peeps/crew/entourage/bff's....whatever you call them...but it really helps to have some. These are the folks you call after you've called on the Lord, consult with your husband (if you are married), and you need some girl talk. There are some conversations that only another sistah can help. YOU know that's right. I am sorry that Rachael is missing from this picture but you will find her in an earlier blog post. These are the sistahs who stood with my when I got married and have prayed me through when I thought I had lost hope. I thank God for them. They are some of the most creative sistahs on the planet and constantly feed me ideas when and even when I am not out of ideas, because their ideas are plen-ti-ful. Dance for Joy Ministries enabled me to meet some really great people, and a wonderful master teacher Iris Cloud. I don't think she will ever know how many lives she has touched and people she has brought together by the sheer act of being obedient in using her gifts.

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