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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Sunday at Primitive Christian Church

This is the second year that we put together a dance theater piece with actual survivors as participants. Half of the participants are survivors. Every year I am so blessed by their courage and devotion to God in the midst of a great trial. Many thanks to them for letting me stand along side them. Many thanks to my own mother a survivor who claims to have outlived at least 3 of her doctors already. Go mommy!
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  1. OMG!! That brought a lot of tears my way! The heart-bursting part was knowing that 1/2 the dancers WERE Breast Cancer SURVIVORS! It wasn't about perfect technique or form.... it was about a group of women pouring their souls and their stories out on the altar of Praise in a beautifully choreographed testimony!! It was Glorious!

  2. The first 2 soloist are survivors. The person who comes forward near the end is the other. Yes it was all about telling their fact near the end while I am still moving the camera completely ignores me and focuses on the group on the side. Why...because it is really about their story,. It's not mine to tell right now...and hopefully never. I know my doctor wants me to take the BRCA1 test but I'm really not interested.