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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Weapons of Our Warfare

Had a wonderful time today at The Weapons of Our Warfare Dance Workshop at Christ Temple Ministries, 498 Watchung Avenue, Bloomfield, NJ 7003. I salute Dance Coordinator, Ruel McDalton for putting together such a wonderful event. As others were getting ready to celebrate Halloween, I was getting excited to be equipped to fight against the kingdom of darkness.
I arrived at 7AM in my green camouflage fatigues to walk around Brookdale Park, the weather this morning took us inside. As I made walking laps around the church building I became more and more resolved to draw nearer to the Presence of think of others before not enter into the competition...and that I would decrease and God would increase. As I sat in God's Presence in the sanctuary the Lord reminded me to be in my position. Then I realized that was the most important thing I could do at that workshop: to obey, listen to God and be in my position. I was to be responsible where God told me to be and not try to be in someone else position. With that in mind I was able to keep God in focus and serve from a place of obedience to my Lord.
That was a great word straight from God since we would spend the day learning strategy on how to fight the good fight. We were split into 12 troops (12 tribes) and heard our instruction in accordance to our group. I was put in Troop Levi. Many thanks to Martin Smargiassi for his prayer of impartation as we all anticipated a double portion of the anointing of the Spirit of God. Many thanks to Rev. Yvonne Smith-Larkin for her real talk about dance ministry and teaching us about prophetic dance and intercession. A time well spent.

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