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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fill in the G.A.P. Dance Conference

I wanted to experience a National Liturgical Dance Network Gospel Aerobics Praise event myself so I went to Cathedral International today in Perth Amboy, NJ. Much to my surprise, it wasn't just a few hours of aerobic movement, but was an entire conference!!!! I had no idea. I missed the workshops, and the teachings but the little teaching moment at the end about the "gates" of our nations, communities, and our own temple was worth the whole day. Are you being decisive about what comes and goes through your gates? And if you couldn't get it in word only through Dr. Pamela Hardy, you learned it through movement led by Rev. Eyesha Marable. My hat is off to Sentheia McLeod and her incredible team that made the conference happen. I look forward to running my own event someday and raise the much needed funds to do that work of ministry to bless others. By the was fun(d) raising...we had a ball...AND...for those who shared their prayer requests with me, you were on my heart as I moved, and marched and clapped. I will look over those text messages and continue to pray.

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