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Monday, September 14, 2009

Afternoon Musing

Sitting under a file of papers for my Mom dealing with her money matters. And what does that have to do with ministry? I find the more I can apply biblical principles to every day life the better I am in serving the Lord and others. A "big step" that Seasons of Purpose needs to do on a daily basis is to say no to procrastination and deal with the paperwork even if it is the LAST thing in my emotional priority list but is probably the top of the reality priority list. Every time I help Mom I think about why am I not also doing this for myself. And why am I not building Seasons of Purpose as a ministry and completing our dream of making it a foundation. Someone recently asked me how the foundation was doing and I had to ask them what they were talking about...that's not good. Yes someday we want to be able to give to all the wonderful ministries that you represent. SOP wants to pray with you, walk with you, encourage you, brainstorm with you, and help financially however we can. If we don't get disciplined in our own personal paperwork, how will we be ready to deal with the grants and various forms we will need to continue SOP on the scale that I know God wants this to be. How will we grow the money to bless you. Well, well, well...can we get a hearty AMEN?

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