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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who is your Aaron?

I thank God for the dear assistant God has blessed me with in the dance ministry. She is like what Aaron was for Moses. She truly helps to lift up my arms and hands when I am weak and has more energy for ideas that I could ever possibly generate on my own. She has been a blessing. Watch her at work as we endeavor to polish the piece for the Women's Retreat 2009.

What a wonderful time we had in rehearsal today!!!! The battery powered candles were on all over the room and God's presence was so evident to us. We basked in the Presence of the Living God as we listened to the music we were to dance to. It was like hearing the song for the first time when we weren't concerned about executing choreography but about what the song means and to give the song back to God in a sense in worship, adoration, and thanksgiving. When we ended the rehearsal in prayer again I thought the roof would come off!!! And who was the Aaron. Heard her all the way down the hall. And others that I could call my Joshua and Caleb's but I'll discuss them at another time. Glory to God!

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