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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Women God Has Used in My Life

The 2 009 PCC Women's Retreat is over but we had a good time. I thank God for the women who have played a big role in helping me see the importance of having the Holy Spirit order my steps in His Word. Many thanks to Pastor Enid Rios-Rivera who encourages us in our steps and even demonstrated how to do that walk throughout the weekend. I just had to join her in that step and so did many others that night in the spirit and with their bodies.

And many thanks to Dr. Liz Rios...a fabulous speaker who encouraged us in so many ways. I know that Seasons of Purpose needs to take some new steps so the ministry can grow, but God used Dr. Liz to inform me that the first step will be a big step. I will have to go to war in this walk in the Spirit. And my next step will be a crucial one. I thank God for her bringing a word to us that was not an easy word to digest but a needed word for such a time as this. I thank God that He used Dr. Liz. I know her personally and have worked under her at 2 different jobs in NY, so I know that the message she brings is sincere. In other words, she is not one way before the people and then another way behind closed doors. She keeps it real, and endeavors to apply the word when it is easy and when it is really, really hard.

I know that if I want to grow deeper in my understanding of this walk, the Holy Spirit and the ministry of Seasons of Purpose, I must get deeper in His Word. It's time to take the Big Steps!

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