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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boxing Ring - The 12th Day

Day #12 ONE MONTH TO LIVE - Boxing Ring:Resolving Conflicts by Fighting Fair.
A great chapter that we reviewed today at church. I have to be honest...I can't stand conflict. They often think that women are the ones that want to talk it through and the man is the one who leaves trying to ignore conflict...but I think I'm the one. My husband loves to talk it out and analyze and reanalyze. Well it is crucial to learn how to fight fair. I flow best in my art and ministry when I have my misunderstandings and conflicts resolved.
Let me just make a husband and I are concerned about the Ted Williams story. We were troubled that the man with the golden voice with all the media attention and job offers would fall the minute he started to rake in the money. I am actually relieved that the real Ted Williams is starting to be revealed so he can get help. After years working in a rescue mission my husband has seen countless of "Ted Williams" type guys. All we can hope is that Mr. Williams will deal with the issues that led him to his homelessness to begin with. Whatever conflicts he is facing as he reconnects with his family will be crucial in his reentering into mainstream life.

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