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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oxygen Mask

Day #4 & #5
I am sorry that I missed #4 entry on Tuesday. The 2 new chapters in ONE MONTH TO LIVE are about Staying Connected and Oxygen Mask. The importance of staying connected to the Lord to effect any change in your life. As the church met last night we had a wonderful time in the Presence of God. You may think I am crazy but with my spiritual eyes I saw the glory cloud as we prayed, praised, and worshiped the Lord. Then Pastor prayed for our homes and symbolically blessed each home by anointed every key chain in the house that we had left on the altar. We went home in expectation that at the contact of the key to the door that we would witness a change in our home situation. It's time to walk out in faith.

Today is about the importance of taking care of yourself before you can help anyone else. The first time I heard the script on the plane to put the oxygen mask on first and then help your child I thought was odd. However, as I have aged, I see the wisdom of grabbing the oxygen first and then help others.
So I need to get God's breath of life and renewing in the area of my mental, physical and spiritual fitness. I have any number of excuses of why I am not more fit but I want to live longer and more productively so I have got to get more physically fit. The book poses a great question: "How would you rate your health in each of these four areas--spiritual, physical, emotional, relational--from one (terrible) to ten (fantastic)? What's the greatest challenge to improving your health in these areas? What can you do to work through this challenge?" There will be some changes made!

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